Self-study Course A2 information

Basic information

The course e-slovak A2 consists of 10 topic-based units introducing day-to-day situations in the lives of the four main characters: Johanna, Zuzana, Róbert and Carlo. The course approximately corresponds to the textbook called Krížom-krážom  slovenčina A2. It is one of the series of textbooks Krížom-krážom which have been published by Studia Academica Slovaca – The Centre for Slovak as a Foreign Language at Comenius University in Bratislava. It is used by students studying Slovak at many universities abroad, by compatriots and also by students at different language schools in Slovakia.

Learning goals

  • to be able to communicate in basic Slovak in everyday situations,
  • to know basic greetings and phrases, simple vocabulary related to your personal characteristics and basic needs: living, study, job and profession, leisure time, family, travelling (railway station, airport), at the doctor´s, human body, phone call, correspondence, the weather
  • to use the frequent grammatical structures (comparison of adjectives and adverbs, dative case, genitive case, direct vs. indirect speech, future tense, verb aspect, conditional clauses, word order)

Target group

  • international students of Slovak and Slavic languages,
  • the Slovaks living abroad or ex-pats,
  • applicants for study programs in Slovakia which are part of development aid of the Slovak Republic,
  • participants of the "Studia Academica Slovaca" Summer School
  • and all people interested in studying Slovak language and culture.


  • basic computer and Internet literacy English
  • basic Slovak (A1)
  • Pre-Intermediate English (A2)

Activities and tasks

You are free to use all the facilities of our e-slovak online course. Your learning in each lesson consists of several activities and exercises and you can work with them as many times as you need.
Each lesson contains:
  • dialogues with new words, phrases and illustrations, reading and listening followed by reading and listening comprehension self evaluation exercises,
  • acquisition of vocabulary and grammar with self evaluation exercises,
  • short final test 
On the course page you can also find:
  • grammar guide (with grammar tabs) 
  • simple online Slovak-English dictionary 
  • Discussion forum 

To enter the lesson, click on its title or the button ”ENTER“ or on the title of the concrete lesson.

Certificate of Completion

There is an option of getting the Certificate of Completion of the e-learning course of Slovak as a foreign language. Students who want to be awarded a certificate of completion have to follow all the instructions and to be on time with the following assignments:            
  • all 10 short tests at the end of each lesson - the pass rate is 60 percent and you have three attempts to pass the test, 
  • a comprehensive test at the end of the course - the pass rate is 60 percent.

In total: 10 small lesson tests,  1 final comprehensive test 


In case of any questions you can contact us at


We use the Learning Management System Moodle in our course.
Grammar guide is presented in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view it (download it for free at
Some Assignments need to be submitted in .doc or .docx format, created by Microsoft Word, or with OpenOffice Writer (free download at
To listen to the audiorecordings (dialogues) and to make your own audio recordings you need Adobe Flash installed in your web browser (get it for free at

Technical support

For any technical problems with your computer related to the e-slovak access, please contact

General terms of service

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Course fees

There are no course fees associated with the work in the e-slovak course. The course is free of charge.

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